AUS-iot Services

AUS-iot Services

The AUS-iot Services software is the platform that integrates the components within the AUS-iot System. The primary components are:

  • AUS-iot Monitors and meters.
  • AUS-iot Gateways.
  • The Internet.
  • Cloud computing.
  • Revenue management software.
The AUS-iot Services software consists of various components including:

  • Cloud Communication server.
  • Cloud Data storage services.
  • Cloud Billing services.
  • Cloud Notification services.

When deployed the AUS-iot Services function as follows. The meter readings and the event data captured by the AUS-iot Monitors is transmitted via radio signal to the AUS-iot Gateways. The AUS-iot Gateways then upload the data to the AUS-iot Services software via the internet. The communication link to the Internet can be implemented utilising a number of different physical connection formats, includimg GSM, WiFi and physical wire.

The collected data is then collated and evaluated by the AUS-iot Services software and distributed as E-Bills and management reports to the relevant recipients.


When deployed as a stand-alone system, the AUS-iot Monitor provides a simple comma-separated values (CSV) file output.

This file format can easily be imported into most common accounting packages for billing purposes.
The file is made available either via the customer web portal or via e-mail.

When the AUS-iot Monitor is deployed in conjunction with the AUS-iot Services software, additional functionality such as customer billing via email or E-billing is enabled.

The E-Bills can be generated and distributed weekly, monthly, quarterly or as required.

The E-Billing in the case of water can be selected as a single system, for example a cold or a hot water system, a combination of cold and hot billing to maximum of 4 systems per consumer account. A consumer can have several accounts.

The E-billing accommodates sundry charges such as rate payments, taxes as well as customer notifications.

Tariffs & Notifications

The AUS-iot Services software supports the following complex tariffs:

  • Fixed.
  • Straight Line.
  • Step.
  • Time Of Use.
AUS-iot Services software also supports the inclusion of monthly charges.

AUS-iot Services software support notification to the customer via E-Mail or SMS.
The types notifications include:

  • Billing alerts.
  • Out of profile.
  • Excess or burst.
  • Leak detection.
Notifications are selectively enabled.

When the AUS-iot System is implemented together with automated reading of the bulk supply meters, then the following reporting features are supported:

  • Water balance.
  • Unmetered supply.
  • In building leaks.
Notifications are sent to building / site manager.


The AUS-iot System product range supports both cold and hot water E-billing

The cold water billing is based on the actual water consumed.
The hot water billing is based on the hot water consumption, and is related back to the heating gas charges.
The hot water billing is not based on a direct energy measurement.

Significant cost savings can be realised where the buildings hot water supply is heated using centralised boilers and the apartments are individually billed.

The savings are realised through the bulk purchasing of the gas required using commercial rates, instead of using domestic rates to individually bill each apartment.

The AUS-iot Systems allows for the individual apartment's hot water usage to be monitored on an individual basis. This allows for the fair apportionment of the gas charges.

The AUS-iot system comprises the metering, monitoring and radio equipment that is required to implement an efficient and cost effective revenue management system.