Automated Utility Systems

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Automated Utility Systems provides one of the most cost effective and versatile Building Utilities Management solutions.

Automated Utility Systems provides a fully-fledged E-Billing system that is ideally suited for application in high rise, office and apartment building management.

Automated Utility Systems products are reliable, cost effective, long lasting and easy to deploy.

Areas of Application

High Rise Buildings

Gated Communities

Municipal Suburban

Rural Communities

The AUS-iot system supports a wide and diverse range of deployment environments.

The AUS-iot products use a cutting edge Radio solution that is based on the Semtech LoRa® wireless chip set.
The protocol is dynamic and energy efficient, maximises product life resulting in a cost effective solution.

The AUS-iot radio network is the element that sets the AUS-iot System apart when compared to its competitors.

Management Tools



DataBase Management

Control Functions

The AUS-iot Services include a rich and comprehensive suite of management tools.

These tools make it easy to implement and deploy an effective revenue management system, across a diverse range of utility service points.

AUS-iot Services achieve superior functionality and performance though the extensive use of cloud services.